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Our Product
Canned Food
Cooking Condiments
Pickled Mustard
Pet Food

Quality products manufactured by Hi-Q Food Products Co., Ltd.

Hi-Q Food Product Co., Ltd.
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Canned Food

- Canned Mackerel
- Big Mackerel
- Canned Tuna
- Kernel Sweet Corn

Cooking Condiments
- Tomato Ketchup
- Chilli Sauce
- Sriracha Chilli Sauce
- Sweet Chilli Sauce
- Light Soy Sauce
- Seasoning Sauce Green
- Oyster Sauce
- Stir-Fried Sauce


- Roza Prompt in One
- Roza Prompt-Vegetarian Menu
- Roza Prompt-Chicken Menu
- Roza Prompt-Steamed Rice

New Product ! Roza Chef@ Home
  You can instantly become a first-class chef with ROZA CHEF@HOME by just simply tear off the package and add ROZA CHEF@HOME to any dish you want to make, and your tasty meal will be cooked in 5 minutes with no extra seasoning needed.


Pickled Mustard
"Roza" Pickled Mustard
- Pickled Mustard
- Sweet Pickled Mustard with Chilli
- Pickled Mustard Salad
- Pickled Mustard Salad (Szechuan Style)


   Your have the wonderful menu; we have an innovation ready for you.
  At Hi-Q, we are fully equipped with high technology production system. Our marketing and R&D team can assist you with new product development to perfectly fit your markets' preferences. Let us be a part to make your idea come true.

Pet Food
   Made to order - using the finest quality sardines, tuna and other fine ingredients for both pet dogs and cats

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