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The Secret of Fish

It is a well known fact that fish is highly nutritious and Omega 3, a kind of fatty acid, is one of the valuable nutrients found in fish. This particular fatty acid does our body good in many ways; for example, it lowers fat (triglyceride in blood), prevents fat clogging on the wall of blood vessels, and lowers platelet adhesion. The common fatty acids that are in the same category as Omega 3 include EPA and DHA. Our body can synthesize these two acids from
alpha - linoleic acid, oil found in soybeans
and walnuts. The above - mentioned fatty acids
abound in oily fish.

A group of researchers observed that Eskimos, who eat more oily fish, an important source of Omega 3, than others, have a relatively lower rate of deaths from clogged arteries, compared with other people. This study has verified the advantage of seafood consumption on health. Studies on the eating habits of other groups of people show that the consumption of fish in one or two meals a week can reduce the risk of death from clogged arteries by approximately 50 per cent. However, this has not clearly been proved in certain studies.

Fish, whether fresh water or marine, is a good source of protein, Omega 3 fatty acids, and minerals, especially iodine and potassium. Most people believe that marine fish contains more Omega 3 than fresh water fish. In fact, many species of fresh water fish in Thailand contain a great deal of DHA fatty acid (from the analysis of Nutrition Division, Department of Health). Oily fish does not contain only Omega 3, but also considerable amounts of Vitamin A and Vitamin D.

The consumption of fish and fish oil helps prevent death from heart disease, high blood pressure, and migraine.

From : www.sioutdoors.com - April 2002

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