Thailand Congress of Nutrition


Presided over by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, the Congress promotes the sharing of knowledge and exchange of experiences among nutritionists, dieticians, doctors, nurses, agriculture and food scholars, teachers and those involved in diet, nutrition and healthcare  as well as interested members of the public.


To promote knowledge about food and nutrition beneficial for daily life, and raise awareness of future concerns as well as collaborative, concerted efforts for food and nutrition development.

To bring together individuals, professionals and organization in their quest for quality and safe food production.

To provide a forum for all involved in food and nutrition development for sharing knowledge and exchanging experiences.


The Congress features special lectures, discussions, presentations of academic work along with academic exhibitions by organizations from both public and private sectors as well as activities of students in food and nutrition programs from various universities.

It’s also the platform for presentation of products, food and nutrition technologies by food and medical supply producers, organizations and units. Participants are able to gain new and interesting knowledge through knowledge and experiences shared. All of which promotes academic strength and progress and leads to practices adopted for better health and nutritional intake among the people at large.