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Hi-Q Food Products Co., Ltd.
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Dedication to quality development is the key to our success.

The Canned Food Products Industry grew tremendously and very rapidly, so did Hi-Q Food Products Co.,Ltd. The company is fully dedicated to continuous quality improvements and developments in all products. Quality assurance and improvement has always been the driving force behind all Hi-Q's products since the beginning.

Quality Assurance starts from careful selection of fresh raw materials. Further quality controls are taken during all production processes to ensure cleanliness, safety and acceptable product standards. All production facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery as well as highly capable, well-trained staffs.

Quality Development achieves through continuous research and development to constantly improve product quality as well as introduce new product(s) to meet the consumer's changing needs.

At Hi-Q Food Products Co.,Ltd., we believe that full dedication in every aspects of quality development is crucial to the acceptance and loyalty of "Hi-Q" and "Roza" amongst the consumers. Entering into the 21st century, we are fully committed to achieve 2 corporate objectives: first, create new opportunities, more jobs and enhance living standard for all Thais. Second, achieve highest customer satisfaction locally and internationally through new product developments.

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