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About Hi-Q Food
About Us
Hi-Q Food Products Co., Ltd.
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Hi-Q's first big move to penetrate the local market came in 1990, when we were the first in the Thai market to introduce "easy open" on our "Hi-Q" product packages. "Hi-Q" was widely accepted by Thai consumers and captured 15% market share in a relatively short period of time. Despite the rapid success, the company was well aware that product differentiation was not enough to maintain brand loyalty. This is why we continue to focus on quality improvement as well as R&D to maintain consumer's confidence and brand loyalty.

In 1996, Hi-Q Food Products Co., Ltd. increased a registered capital to 70 Million Baht and strategically acquired the legal rights to "Roza", one of the most popular brands in cooking sauce industry. "Roza" gave our company a firm foothold in Thai cooking sauce market and later on
bring us to be a leader in both canned fish and cooking sauce markets. Our company expanded further by investing in 2 subsidiaries: Hi-Q Canning (Pattanee) Company Limited and Roza Agri-Industrial Company Limited.

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