Hi-Q Food Products Co.,Ltd.


            Hi-Q Food Products Company Limited was established in 1986 with 13 Million Baht in registered capital to produce high quality canned food products at its production facility in Bangbor, Samutprakarn province.   

Focused mainly on export production in its formative years and highly committed to research and development with foreign partners, the Company manufactured for many of the world’s internationally renowned pet food brands.

The year 1990 marked the beginning of the Company’s foray into the domestic market with the launch of Hi-Q brand of canned products with an easy-to-open cap. The packaged products gained wide acceptance and popularity among consumers, enabling a 15% growth in market share in a relatively short period. Continuous product development through intensive research and innovative product development has been the primary focus of the Company’s drive to earn consumer trust and loyalty.

In 1996, Hi-Q Food Products increased registered capital to 70 Million Baht and acquired the right to buy the business of ROZA, one of the most popular cooking sauce brands in the market. A strategic acquisition that has propelled the Company to be a leading producer of ready-to-eat food and cooking sauces, with further expansion of business in the establishment of two subsidiary companies: Hi-Q Canning (Pattanee) Company Limited and Roza Agri-Industrial Company Limited.

With 45 Million Baht in registered capital, Hi-Q Canning (Pattanee) Company was established in 1996 in Pattanee province to boost production capacity of canned seafood products to 100 tons per day. Setting up production in Pattanee, Thailand's most abundant source of fish, significantly lowered production expenses, resulting in greater competitive advantage gained in both local and international markets.

Registered with 80 Million Baht in capital, Roza Agri-Industrial Company was set up in 1998 in Nongkai province to produce tomato paste, an essential ingredient for producing ketchup and canned sardines. Meeting both GMP and HACCP standards and with the capacity to produce 5,000 tons a year, the production plant allows freshly produced tomato sauce to be delivered directly to Hi-Q Food Products’ canned food production plant in Nongkai. Residents of rural communities in the province have also benefited from jobs created and income disbursed from business undertakings of the Company.

Raising registered capital to 130 Million Baht in 2001, Hi-Q Food Products took advantage of its extensive experience and expertise to further strengthen presence in the cooking sauce market.  A new state-of-the-art production plant built in Chachoengsao province was the most technologically advanced facility in the country producing cooking ingredients.

Over the past 15 years, the Company’s sales have grown more than 30- fold while gaining more than 73-fold in assets. A remarkable growth achievement owed to its dedication to continually improve and develop high-quality products that bring utmost consumer satisfaction.



Dedication to quality development, the key to our success

The canned foods industry grew tremendously and very rapidly. So too did Hi-Q Food Products, while staying true to its commitment to continuous quality improvement and development. Quality assurance and improvement have always been the driving force behind the Company’s success.

Quality Assurance

begins with painstaking selection of fresh and finest raw ingredients. Quality control is further maintained for all production processes to meet acceptable standards of cleanliness, safety, and product quality. All production facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery as well as a highly capable, well-trained workforce.

Quality Development

Quality Development is sustained with continuous research and development to ensure continual improvement in product quality that can meet ever changing consumer demands and needs.

Hi-Q Food Products believes total dedication to every aspect of quality development is crucial to win consumer acceptance and loyalty for Hi-Q and ROZA products.



Dedicated to developing excellence all through the 21st Century

Moving forward in the 21st Century, Hi-Q Food Products is fully devoted to achieving two goals: firstly, creating new opportunities, more jobs and better living standards for all Thais; and secondly,  achieving the highest satisfaction of consumers both locally and internationally through new product developments to meet ever changing and increasing needs.